Order a Catalog

How to Order a Catalog

Send us an e-mail at info@sheetmusicman.org

How to purchase from the Catalog:

Important Notice:

Our Catalog Supplier requires a five arrangement minimum, If you only require one chart we will list it and hold it in our pending file until additional orders are recieved. When we have a five chart order we will notify you to process payment.

Choose the song you wish to purchase and send the name to us via e-mail. We will list the song in our "Special Products Orders" section where you can process it through Paypal.

We will then order it from the supplier, allow two to three weeks for delivery.

The arrangement will be Converted to a PDF format when it is recieved and sent to you via e-mail, so check your emails frequently, and ensure that you e-mail box is kept clear so that  the arrangement will upload to your e-mail server.

If this proceedure is not followed you will have to contact sheet music man to arrange to recieve your music arrangement.