Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I contact Sheet Music Man?

Answer: e-mail us at info@sheetmusicman.org

Question: What happens if I purchase an arrangement and I mistakenly double click the

pay for button?

Answer: Well that’s a problem Our Merchant bank has a charge back fee of between $25.00

and $35.00 USD for charge backs. This fee will be charged against your account should you

mistakenly double click pay now. To avoid this charge contact us at info@sheetmusicman.org

for assistance.

Question: What if I order the wrong arrangement?

Answer: Contact us at info@sheetmusicman.org

Question: Do you offer discounts if I buy in bulk say twenty arrangements?

Answer: Our price point is the lowest that we are aware of and we do not offer additional


Question: If I purchase an arrangement how will I receive it?

Answer: If the arrangement comes from our downloadable in stock selections, after purchase it can be

automatically downloaded to your computer. You will receive a link allowing the download.

If the arrangement was purchased from our Catalog section It will be sent to you by e-mail as

soon as it is received by us. Allow a week to ten day’s for delivery depending on our shipping

volume at the time of purchase.

Question: What is the instrumentation for Big Band Arrangements?

Answer: It varies, however, most are for 17 pieces and will be notated on the Music

details  sections 5/4/4/4, which means, five Sax’s, four Trumpets, four Trombones,

Piano, Bass, Guitar, and Drums.

Question: Can I send you a check as payment?

Answer: No we only accept Paypal payments, however you do not need a paypal account,

nor do you need to register with paypal to order or purchase an arrangement. However,

your personal information and a credit card are required.

Question: If I buy a small combo or seventet arrangement what instrumentation do I


Answer: It will vary with each arrangement. In most cases you can determine the

instrumentation by looking in the instrumentation box in the music details section. You

will see a notation indicating 2/2/1/3 or a notation such as, TB/2/1/3, this will indicate a

tenor sax, a Bari sax, two trumpets, one trombone, and Piano Bass, and Drums. The first

numbers always means sax’s, the second number, trumpets the third number trombones

and the fourth number the rhythm section.

Question: What currency can I pay in?

Answer: You can purchase in the currency of your country, however, all currency will be

converted to Canadian Dollars.