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About Sheet Music Man!
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We are a collaboration of musicians and arrangers acting as a central distribution service for sheet music. The vast majority of our scores are transcriptions of popular standards, swing blues and rock combos as well as a variety of other styles well known throughout the music community.

Our mission is to offer a service to musicians, teachers, and community bands as well as to working bands and vocalists around the world.

All of the sheet music included in our library is available for use as personal and private study material and may not be used for professional performance purposes unless under agreement with the copyright owners.

Our library is growing daily and spans a wide variety of styles and forms including, Swing, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Soul, Latin, Funk, and many others. The key word phrase on our site is service. We will endeavour to deliver, acquire or produce what you need when you need it within the limits of time and human constraints.

- The Staff of Sheet Music Man

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